Dear Alissa

Dear Alissa;

The empathy and recognition you have for all life forms is truly inspiring.

Leading your progressive ways to inflict positive change on others,

Making those without a voice your priority,

Respecting the environment as a gift from mother nature herself.


You are always conscious of the toxins we put in our earth, our landfills, our oceans.

Trying to make a difference one step at a time,

Recycling, Composting, Naturalist

Writing moving essays to empower change in your work place


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Passion, Love, and Respect for our earth

Passion for the all organisms suffering in our world,

Love for those who are accepting to fight against climate change alongside you,

Respect for our ecosystem which is keeping all lifeforms alive today.


The world is suffering and you are the nurturer,

The creator chose you to nurture the world back to health

You are the healer for the spirits who have no voice

Without ones like you our world would crumble


I thank you for your effort to make the world a greener place

To help the flowers blossom

To help the oceans heal

And to save everything mother nature gave us.


I thank you for your persistence and dedication to the environment

We only have one world, and we can save it one person at a time,

Starting with you, and ending with everyone following suit.






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